Web Site Purpose

The goal of this web site is for neurosurgical patients to receive better care from all involved through understanding of medical information. To receive optimal care, health care providers as well as family members and friends must all take an active role in the care of the patient. Given the limited time alotted for patient contact and the variable educational levels of different health care providers, better understanding of the neurosurgical problem and treatment options by all involved can result in better outcomes. This is an information site, not a recommendation site.

Suggestions On How to Use This Web Site

The information presented here answers the most common questions presented to a neurosurgical practice of over 30 years. The wide range of practical information provided here has been repeatedly used with patients and hospital staff resulting in better understanding of the injuries by all. Informed consent for surgical procedures is better for all if everyone understands the injury and the damage involved. Neurosurgical illnesses are like a roller-coaster ride with serious ups and downs. Understanding these illnesses will help us all to do our best for the patient. It is strongly recommended to review the section on Head Injury Anatomy. Understanding the basic anatomy function provides a better understanding of the injury and to know what to expect. The anatomy discussed here primarily illustrates what function is affected with injury.