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This site has various levels of detail. If you are new to hydrocephalus with little previous exposure to the subject, you may want to follow the instructions below for Patients & Families. If you have some background and/or are a health care provider, you may want to first review the instructions and follow the pathway for Patients & Families and then follow the instructions for Nurses & other Health Providers. If you have some familiarity with hydrocephalus or are a physician, then simply follow the instructions for Physicians. Reading the home page and reviewing the Site Map will give a better overall understanding of the web site.



This level assumes you have little to no background with hydrocephalus or that you simply need a basic understanding of the subject to help you make the best decisions for your situation. Simply follow the

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button as you progress through the web site.


This level assumes you have some medical background with hydrocephalus. As in all aspects of medicine, depending upon your field of expertise, you may wish to follow the basic pathway for Patients & Families for review, then return to the beginning page and follow the


button as you progress through the web site. The surgery section and post-operative orders may be beneficial to help understand post-operative care. Reviewing appropriate sections with your patients may help them to understand their disease process as well as expectations.


This site is designed to help you explain hydrocephalus to your patients. You may want to review the site and refer your patients to specific areas to help them and their families understand the general pathology. Hopefully, this will help them understand their treatment options when discussing specifics with you. Some physicians may find it helpful to bring up the site in the office or at the hospital and review sections with their patients at the same time or have their nurse or other health care provider review sections with the patient and families to help them better understand hydrocephalus.


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