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Case Discussions/Special Topics

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Web Site Purpose

The goal of this web site is for neurosurgical patients to receive better care through understanding. If patients, their families and all health care providers involved in the care of the patient understand the neurosurgical problem and treatment options, individualized treatment can be better obtained. This is an information site, not a recommendation site.

Suggestions On How To Use This Web Site

The information presented here are the most common questions presented to a neurosurgical practice of over 25 years. The information is presented at various levels of detail.The most common topics patients, nurses and other health care providers have questions about are listed on the left. Real life case illustrations are presented with each topic. Special interest topics and cases which will change from time to time are presented on the right side. Guest health care providers will present topics from time to time and will also be listed on the right. The Site Map has a nice outline of the topic as well as an overview of this web site.

We are always open to suggestions and welcome your comments. Contact Comments for N_Surg_Understanding.

Health Care Providers

The wide range of practical information provided here has been reviewed with patients and hospital staff. Nurses particularly want to know a few key things to watch for post-op. Many families want to know what to look for when the patient goes home and need instructions from health care providers. Informed consent for surgical procedures is easier if everyone understands the procedure and its basic risks. Common complications are discussed since nursing staff, families and patients need to know what to report to their physician to minimize adverse outcomes. Neurosurgical illnesses many times are like a roller-coaster ride with serious ups and downs. Understanding these illnesses will help us all to do our best for our patients.

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