Going To The Hospital

Picture of a Hospital

You may need to go to the hospital to have some tests done, to observe your condition further, and/or to be admitted for surgery. It is helpful to have someone go with you, help you with the paper work, parking and getting around to your destinations since hospitals that do neurosurgery tend to be medium or large size hospitals. If you are simply having some tests, you will usually go home after the tests. If your health care provider does not contact you within 24-48 hours after your test(s), call the office and ask for the results. DO NOT assume that they are fine just because you did not hear back from the hospital or the doctor's office. Now, if you are admitted for observation to see whether you need a shunt or repair of your shunt, you may be repeatedly asked some "strange" questions. These include such questions as, "What day is it?... Who is the President?... Where are you (what city, what type of facility are you in)? These simple questions are to help monitor any changes in your mental status which may be a sign of worsening condition. Be sure to let the hospital staff know if you are not feeling well, if you are nauseated, have a headache or difficulty with vision, weakness or balance changes when moving about. If you are having surgery, then you will need to be in the hospital from 2-4 days, longer in some cases, shorter in other cases.