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When you are stable after waking up from surgery, it is safe to transfer you to your hospital floor. Your family will be able to see you when you arrive in your room. In general, you will not feel like having many visitors and will mostly want to be left to rest. Family and friends should let you rest and visit only briefly.


The first day after surgery most people feel a little weak and worn out. If this is a shunt revision from a malfunctioning shunt, you may actually feel quite good. Otherwise, it takes a while to adjust to the new pressures in your brain. Each day afterwards, you usually feel better. Everyone is different and that is why there are different types of shunts and different settings. Sometimes your shunt may need adjusting for over drainage or under drainage. This may be done in the hospital before you are discharged home or in the office. Many shunts can now be programmed to different settings. A CT of the brain may be done to check if the fluid is draining too much or too little. By the 2nd post-operative day most people are going home.