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Basic Clinical Anatomy

Ventricular anatomy  

Parts of the Ventricular System in the Brain

The ventricular system sections are mostly named by which lobe of the brain they occupy. Therefore, the occipital horn is located in the occipital lobe. The temporal horn is in the temporal lobe. The body of the ventricle crosses the parietal lobe. The frontal horn is in the frontal lobe. The III (3rd) ventricle is at the level of the thalamus or top of the brainstem. The IV (4th) ventricle is in the posterior fossa under the cerebellum at the posterior aspect of the brainstem at the level of the pons. The aqueduct (of Sylvius) connects the III ventricle with the IV ventricle. Sometimes people will refer to the right or left lateral ventricle. This usually refers to the frontal horn, body, occipital and temporal horns on that particular side.

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Recall this animation shows how the csf flows. Most of the csf is produced in the body of the lateral ventricle. It will flow from the lateral ventricle down through the foramen of monro into the III ventricle. From there it proceeds down the aqueduct into the IV ventricle. There are three openings in the IV ventricle: laterally are the foramen of lushka and medially or in the middle is the foramen of magendie.