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Communicating Hydrocephalus

Communicating hydrocephalus develops when there is more fluid being produced than can be absorbed. The ventricular system enlarges to hold the excess fluid. This compresses the surrounding brain tissue. It is like having a partially clogged drain --- the faucet is delivering water faster than the drain can remove the water. For example, sometimes due to scarring from infection or bleeding the cerebral spinal fluid absorption pathways are no longer able to absorb as much fluid as they had prior to the scarring. Fluid accumulates and the ventricular system expands.

Communicating Hydrocephalus may result from various types of hemorrhages. There are examples of this on the web site and may be found under the following links on the home page: Post Hemorrhagic, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Other Hemorrhage. There is a special case of Communicating Hydrocephalus called Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. This is also discussed.

CT of Comm_Hydro


Normal CAT Scan


Normal IV ventricle

















Communicating Hydrocephalus: CAT Scan

Notice how all the ventricles are enlarged. Compare this image to the CAT Scans below.









Normal, No Hydrocephalus: CAT Scan








Normal, No Hydrocephalus: CAT Scan




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