Pulse Generator: Programmable Battery

Pulse Generator Placement

Images showing pulse generator placement and connections

The pulse generator is the battery which sends the stimulation to the microelectrode in the brain. It is placed below the collar bone under the skin in the chest, usually on the right side. (The left side is preserved for those patients who may have other issues, such as the need for a cardiac pacemaker device.) The extension wires from the cranial electrode are tunneled under the scalp behind (posterior to) the ear, down the neck to the chest. The location of the battery allows for easy adjustment of the settings of the battery.

Patient connecting to the battery

Patient adjusting the battery

The patient has easy access to adjust some of the preferred settings. The home programming unit is pre-programmed with optimized settings. For example, sometimes when a setting is optimized for walking, speech may not be optimized. A patient can have multiple settings, one for best overall, another to optimized eating, another to optimized speech or some specific activity that the patient likes to do. He can simply select the optimized setting for the specific activity.

Programming wand placed over battery with clothes on

Close-up of atient adjusting the battery

Some patients prefer not to adjust it at all and leave the settings at an overall good general setting programmed by their health care professional at the office.

Home programming unit

Home Programming Unit

These programming units are smaller than a cell phone, can easily be taken with the person wherever he or she goes.